What you wish you’d known about bathtub toys

Little girl playing with rubber duck in the bathtub
Photo credit: Freepik

If your baby has bathtub toys that can trap water inside like the cute rubber ducks that squirt water, throw them out.

Why are those toys dangerous?

Those toys are a breeding ground for bacteria. No matter how hard you try, you cannot clean them enough. Remember that you cannot see the bacteria, but it is there, trust me. Click here for more information on the research that was done on the ugly ducklings.

Rubber ducks cut open in half and showing all the nasty stuff inside
Photo credit: EAWAG

This really happened

In September 2020, a mum’s warning went viral on social media. Her two-year-old boy squirted himself in the eye with a tub toy. As a result, he developed severe cellulitis that eventually spread down his face and to both eyes. One of the doctors warned that the boy could lose his vision. Thankfully, he didn’t and, in a matter of weeks, he made a full recovery. Read the full story here.

There are lots of parents who have had near-identical experiences. Don’t be one of them. Get rid of those toys.

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