How to babyproof your TV and entertainment center?

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The TV is like a wonderland. It is very attractive and full of temptation for your baby. Light, sound and movement? Check. Electronic devices with flashing lights and buttons? Check. Hanging cords? Again check. So how can you babyproof your TV and entertainment center?

1 Secure the tv

Let’s start with the TV. The first order of business is securing it to protect your child from TV tip-over injuries. There are several ways to do this:

3 ways to secure the TV

Use anti-tip straps

The easiest and the least expensive is using anti-tip straps. These come usually cheap and are very easy to install. Many anti-tip strap brands offer the option to mount the strap to the wall or to the furniture.

Mount the TV to the wall

Another option for securing your TV is mounting it to the wall. Make sure the mount you choose can accommodate your TV size and weight. The installation can be quite intimidating. So if you are not the handyperson, ask for professional help.

2 Mind the electronic devices

Let’s talk now about the electronic devices like DVD players and game consoles. Your baby is most likely to be attracted to them like magnet. Think about your baby’s safety, and the safety of your devices because unfortunately, those don’t come cheap. So if you don’t want to find yourself buying new ones because the ones you have were damaged by little fingers or food shoved inside, then follow these tips.

Tip number one is moving them out of sight. Less temptation for your baby and less headache for you.  If you can afford to invest in a new TV stand, get one with closing cabinets where you can store your devices. Be aware that you might need a remote extender kit as the signal will be blocked by the wood of the cabinet. This is not the most budget-friendly option, I know. Here are some alternative ideas:

  • Install a custom plexiglass shield in front of your devices.
  • Put your devices in a small basket next to the TV stand.
  • Install a shelf out of reach to place the devices on.

3 Take care of electric cords

Now, what about the cords? Hanging cords are a major attraction for your baby and they represent a major hazard. Click on this link for more info on how to babyproof your electronic cords.

Finally, if you simply don’t want to go through the trouble of babyproofing your TV, you can resort to blocking off the access to the TV area by using baby gates. Click here for more info on gates.

4 Hide the remote control

Since we are talking about the TV, let’s cover a very important gadget, your remote control.

Baby holding a TV remote control
Photo credit: Shutterstock

The remote thing? It’s real. Babies love remote controls. If you present your baby with a new toy or a remote control, guess which one he will choose? The remote control. Well, I know mine would! What’s not to love anyway? Press a button and magic happens. The only problem is remote controls are not the cleanliest objects. Think of all that gunk ending up in your baby’s mouth!

Not only that, but they also present a serious choking hazard. Other than loose buttons, the batteries are just the right size for getting lodged in your baby’s throat and obstructing breathing. As you can see, you clearly don’t want your baby anywhere near your TV remote. The simplest way is to put it up there where he can’t reach it or to lock it away.

If you are considering buying one of those infantile colored toy replicas, my advice is don’t bother. Babies are no fools. They don’t want to press random buttons that don’t do anything. They want something to happen, like the channel changing.

In a Nutshell

How did you babyproof your TV? Don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below!

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